Fabulous Multi-Color Nail Art Designs

Fabulous Multi-Color Nail Art Designs - Nail art is quite fascinating and most women have got their hands on it, ready to try something different for every occasion. Almost every woman soon runs out of nail art ideas, that’s when having enough exposure helps in always having something to do.
Nail art can definitely add a spark to your life, so if you need something to brighten up your day and add some cheer, this multi color nail art is just for you!

Step 1
· First, apply a good quality base coat to prevent the nail from chipping and staining. This is very important for ensuring the nails retain their strength.
· Once the base coat dries up, the nails are ready for the art.
Step 2
· Apply yellow nail polish on alternate fingers. Ensure you do a double coat for the yellow polish to look neat and evenly coated.
Step 3
· Now, use the dotting tool and apply orange dots on the alternate plain nails.
Step 4

· Do the same with green, blue, pink, black and yellow making sufficient dots of each color.
· Refer to the picture below.

Step 5
· Once you have completed dotting the plain nails, they are ready for the final top coat.
· Before you apply the top coat, make sure everything has dried up.
· Seal your art and you are done in just a few steps. Become a part of a nail art community and find fresh ideas for something new to try always.
Once you are done with your art, this is how it will look.
Do you find nail art challenging? Consider starting off with simple ideas as this and you will soon be able to nail any idea you have in mind. Look for inspiration even in little things and add a spark to your passion to try improved and well-done nail art over time. Don’t underestimate your nails! It can step your outfit to a more gorgeous look.

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